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What is the Life Reference Manual Online?

The Life Reference Manual (LRM) Online is a searchable database of scripture intended to provide biblical insights for many of life’s questions and problems. Since the release of the original Life Reference Manual over fifteen years ago, God has far surpassed all expectations for how He would use its material in the lives of so many people. After receiving countless reports of the blessing it has been for individuals and communities, this has led to the adaption of its contents for this online platform to make its valuable resources more accessible and easy to share.

How can I use the Life Reference Manual Online?

The LRM Online contains three main sections to explore. First, “Need a fresh start?” is a series of questions leading the reader to a fresh start in life. The next section, “Frequently Asked Questions,” covers many of the questions commonly asked about God, the Bible, and life. Lastly, we have a topical index addressing various difficulties people encounter, such as anxiety, pain, love, seeking God’s will, hope, and much more.

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